Once upon a time, in a faraway universe, there was a mermaid who lived in a magical world fulfilled with emotions, imagi­nation, creativity, and surrounded by nature. The young mermaid was called by the name Noe.
Born by the ‘Water’, Noe believed that there was a whole new universe beyond the sea. So, one day, an atmosphere of mystery and curiosity made her wonder if there were other universes like hers. Where people were free to express, communicate and share experiences with others.
She had a dream, a desire to explore other universes, to live a life as a nomad, raising stories of love, freedom, prosperity and hope. The mermaid truly believed in her dream and knew she could make it come true, but she just couldn’t do it all alone. 
Until one day, a unique opportunity to leave behind all constricting barriers came along and she joined forces with others who also believed in her dream. Together they challenged and inspired others to follow their path.They started thinking about how they could contribute through their own skills towards creating an exceptional universe, where words like Connect, Share, Love and Inspire were the key for living and exploring the new universes.
Universes where all individual experiences were transformed into good memories, and where parts of a puzzle form a bigger picture.

Published by noE3ou

I’m a Capeverdean native living in Denmark, a sustainable designer, curious explorer, and a purpose seeker. I am married to a Dane and we have 2 lovely daughters. I hope this space will inspire you in multiple ways. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!

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